Our Story

Humble Beginnings

In 2013, our designer and founder, Ayana, participated in the emerging designers competition of Birmingham Fashion Week. During this time, she knew she wanted to have her own line, however, coming up with a name gave her pause. Months went by and once she began preparing for her senior show, the name came to her. Am.A-line Collections.

The idea behind the name first came from incorporating Ayana’s initials, AMA, with a play on punctuation. She wanted to demonstrate the brand would not be one line but a collection of lines, or rather a multitude of collections. Under one umbrella, there could be a collective attitude, goal, and impact; and, that is how the beginnings of Am.A-line collections came into being.

Slowly forming from an idea for an innovative, edgy, yet sophisticated ready-to-wear line, Am.A-line transitioned into a reality. In 2014, Ayana began offering custom made and made-to-measure services for clients. She also used this time to design smaller collections and collaborated with stylists to grow her base.

In the years following, Am.A-line Collections became an extension of its owner and designer. Custom clothing was the beginning of a means to reach production of the brand. The objective may have been high, but it was attainable. After having a long stint, and creative block, Ayana and Am.A-line Collections returned with force.

In 2018, Am.A-line Collections attended its first trade show event at Magic in Las Vegas. In search of manufacturers and suppliers around the globe, creative life flowed back into the veins and heart of the company. Equipped with the knowledge and network gained from Magic, our first collection to be produced was on its way.

At the beginning of 2019, we began the phases of production for our men’s spring collection. By the end of 2019, our brand and company became fully established. Now with our first two collections for sale and a third collection on the way, we’re taking the steps forward to create more collections for the upcoming seasons.


We call it "flexistential". Our philosophy combines flexibility and existentialism, referencing essence before existence and vice versa in order to amplify individual style. Transitional by nature, our clothing is also focused on ease. With the ability to wear from day into night, our aim is to keep it simple and sophisticated. With active and hectic lifestyles men and women have today, no one has time to stress over multiple outfits. Designing with this in mind, our clothing is easily dressed up or down for any occasion. 

Every form is beautiful and should be accentuated by the proper fit and silhouette. By providing clothing that speaks to our souls, we envision a world of confident, purposefully dressed, bold, vocal, and comfortable individuals. 


As we are inspired by the human condition and our collective experiences, we aim to share those experiences through our clothing. All of us experience blissful highs and tragic lows. At Am.A-line Collections, we highly value community. Through sharing the stories and experiences we have as a community, we believe we can help one another grow and build an even stronger community. We are committed to working with local organizations and businesses in order to build a better future. Our mission is to contribute to the advancement of our city, as well as the nation, and around the globe.

By strengthening our communities and sharing our experiences, we aim to build a network that can drastically change the way we all think and interact with our world. We plan to reduce our environmental impact by using natural fibers and natural dyes for our designs whenever we can. Together, we will be able to create a fabric of experiences in order to create the change we want to see.

We pledge to give a portion of our proceeds to organizations aiding the community through advancement and growth opportunities, empowerment, change, and promotion of equity, equality, justice, and life. For every purchase of an Am.A-line product, a contribution will be made to an organization creating a wave of impact throughout the community.

Interested in partnering with us? Email us at info@amalinecollections.com.