Fashion for All

6th Jun 2023

This month has been an interesting one so far and we want to set the record straight. Fashion is for all.Our chronicles are not set forth with any political agenda. They are shared experiences and an … read more
Wear Your Feels

Wear Your Feels

Posted by A. on 19th May 2023

May is bursting with so many wonderful things! That's why we chose this month to talk about a few things. First up:Mental Health Awareness & Style: How They Relate to YouPart of our mission is to prom … read more

A Community Effort

Posted by A. on 3rd Apr 2023

It's important to us to be involved and connect with our community.So for this post we wanted to share a little more about what we're doing and our future plans for hanging with our community. Plus, w … read more
Backbone of Society

Backbone of Society

Posted by A. on 8th Mar 2023

It's Women's History Month! And what a way for us to jump back into our Chronicles. We apologize for the year that's passed since our last one (well, almost a year...). However, sometimes, it's g … read more

Awaken Your Senses

Posted by A. on 7th Apr 2022

April is full of wonder! With spring coming into full effect and blossoms opening everywhere, it's a month for fully awakening from winter's slumber.When you think of spring, you may think of the vari … read more